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About Recycle Hermosa


To reduce trash in Hermosa by 60% through responsible recycling solutions, local education, and participation by all.


Fulfill the goal to reduce trash with local MUNI support to install, manage, and pick-up recycle bins at each beach entrance.  Advocate for all school, commercial, and residential entities to recycle.


We are a small, but mighty team of local volunteers.  We live in or around Playa Hermosa and work with many local entities to help us achieve our goals.


Working for the betterment of Playa Hermosa & the environment with the intention to recycle as much as we can, given what we have to work with.

Seeking  voluntary contributions to support our efforts.  Acting ethically in all of our interactions and being completely transparent and compliant in all of our activities and finances.

Doing the research to understand the recycling market in Costa Rica, specifically what is available to Playa Hermosa.  Working closely with Condovac la Costa resort to help keep the Bandera Azul Award.